“It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away”

What’s the word I’m looking for…because today I desperately need a word, the right word, a word to hold onto, hide behind, brandish, wear as a mask, breathe in, save me.

I believe utterly in the power of words – I’ve always found  much of my greatest solace, inspiration, expression, sojourn, balance, in words. Words, in all of their iterations, are magic…they have dominion and vivacity and capacity and elegance.  They’re also bad magic – wounding, destroying, and evil.

I do not suffer the loss for words lightly.  Even the phrase “no words” has great impact from me.

Equilibrium…just when you think you have achieved a smidgen of level, another fucking tornado

Perspective…after the past week’s events (Rambo’s (mi esposo) hospitalization and resultant absolute life changes; my beloved district’s continued spin out of control, my own health, and most of all, the newest from this blog’s suck-it-up-buttercup situation), I truly, madly, deeply, no longer give a shit who runs, who wins, who lies,   I just can’t spare the energy

Hope…that’s one elusive butterfly I just can’t chase today

Hostage…the word chasing me with a vengeance

Blessing…perhaps when you least expect one, in a place you would never consider

Responsibility…you can run, but you can’t hide (how pithy)

Control…never had it, not going to get it, suck it up buttercup

Fear…where I live

Love…see all of the above

Peace…somewhere over the damn rainbow, and me, fresh out of red shoes

Words are wishes. And like magic, the word I need has appeared. Today I wish for grace.


power of words.